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Saturday, July 15, 2017

More on the Political Climate--Left vs. Right

Aggregated and composed from various comments found on the web:

There was a time when most Americans wanted their country to be successful. The goals of the left and right are now diametrically opposed.

The left wants an all powerful socialist one world government.   They believe this one world government will be some sort of utopian institution that takes care of them from cradle to grave. The leaders of the left know this is a lie but they wish to put themselves in power. This is why left wing politicians are always saying stupid things like "the Constitution is a living document" And "if the document were to be perfected it would be less negative towards the power of government." This is why the extreme left is resorting to riots and other political violence. This is also why the leftist shills in the mainstream media report leftist political violence and rioting as " protests". This is why leftist politicians like Nancy Pelosi have floated laws about online publishing that curtail the first amendment because they want to control the flow of information and shape public opinion. This is also why leftist politicians so heavily support gun-control, it's hard to force an armed and free populous to submit to worldwide socialism and the UN agenda 21 plan.

The problem is that the left does not view success as normal people do. Success as most used to define it is failure to them. As stated above, they want a global socialist one-world, where America is no longer a super power. Secure borders, booming economy, low taxes, getting people off of welfare, new infrastructure, fair trade, other countries respecting America again...all represents failure to the libs. They hate America. They hate our flag. They hate our anthem. They hate our laws and law enforcers. And they hate President Trump for his efforts to do all of those things to make America great again, after Obama did his best to destroy us.

Here's an example of how the left hates America. Let's check the Twitter account of the former Black Lives Matter leader, who in actuality is white:

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Note on Today's Political Climate

I came across this tidbit while surfing the 'net, and it hits the nail on the head:

Take 60’s hippie counter-culture with its “free love & free drugs”, replacing those with “free EVERYTHING” paid for by the working class; mix in technology that has decimated human interaction to the point of being in constant communication with the world without ever having to speak face-to-face with one single individual; add in several helpings of mega-narcissism (their parents obviously never taught them “the world doesn’t revolve around you!”); throw in this thinking that popular media, entertainment, and academia as they exist now are THE MAJORITY speaking for THE MAJORITY, when in all actuality – as Trump’s election proves – they are simply a MINORITY speaking so vociferously that it just SOUNDS as if they’re the majority; and last but not least, add in the concerted efforts to bring down Christianity not only as a religion but as a way of life, and in doing so demonizing (“call evil, good and call good, evil”) all that sustains a civilization, virtues such as family, faith, service… all long-standing, grounded precepts that seek not to destroy but persevere. 

 The result of all this is what we see all around us now. --Author unknown

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The (Liberal Wacko) Women's March Happened

Why that freak show of an event is given any legitimacy is beyond me. Pro-Life women's groups were banned, one of the organizers is for Sharia law and another one tortured a man to death. And true to form, the media wanted to portray this as mainstream. Let the memes fly:

Rest assured that this does not represent the majority of women. Thankfully there are those willing to speak out for the majority:

Drop the mike.